Philips FC6232/62 Hand Held Anti-Allergen Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner

includes 2 year warranty


  • Removes dust and mites
  • Reduces Allergens
  • 450 W
  • Ideal for beds
  • Includes Philips UV light
includes 2 year warranty

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Philips FC6232/62 Hand Held Anti-Allergen Dust Mite Vacuum Cleaner

  • Filters 99% of dust mites with HEPA 12 filtration
  • UV light helps to eradicate dust mites
  • Powerful Vibrating pads and 450W motor loosen up dirt and helps remove dust and dirt from soft surfaces in the home.
  • Easy to operate dust container for quick disposal of dirt

Safely and efficiently removes dust and mites
Mite-Cleaning Vacuum Cleaner Philips Mite Cleaner removes dust and mites easily and effectively from soft surfaces. Its three functions make cleaning soft surfaces effortless. It also reduces allergens, for an allergy-friendly home. Equipped with a UV Light.

Powerful vibrating pads to loosen dirt
Three padded feet vibrate at a high speed of 3600 rpm to vigorously loosen dust and dirt from inside soft surfaces.

Suitable for cleaning all soft surfaces in your home
Effectively and safely remove dust and mites from beds, sofas, plush toys, cushions and all other soft surfaces for an allergy-friendly home.

An easy-to-operate dust container makes the disposal of dust both simple and hygienic.

Small brush is included to keep your product clean

450-W motor for powerful removal of dust and mites
The combination of a powerful 450-W motor and 8.2-cm suction vent will ensure the effective removal of dust and mites from soft surfaces, reducing the allergens in your home.


  • Brush
  • Extra filter

Three different cleaning modes to suit your needs
Three different modes allow you to select particular settings for cleaning specific surfaces, to better suit your cleaning needs.

Includes Philips UV light

Three safety sensors automatically shut off UV light
Three safety sensors detect whether the product is in contact with a surface or not. It will automatically shut off the UV light to ensure safe operation, always.

Warning signal to ensure that dust container is properly placed

5-metre cord allows for easy reach

EPA 12 filter ensures dust will not escape again
The EPA 12 filter captures 99.5% of fine dust particles while filtering the exhaust air. This keeps dust securely within the container, preventing secondary contamination.

EAN 8710103704966
Weight (KG) 3.6000
Vacuum Type Handheld
Bag/Bagless Bagless
Noise Level (db) 83
Voltage 18
Vacuum Filter Type HEPA