Philips FC9724/69 Anti-Allergen Bagless Expert Vacuum Cleaner

includes 2 year warranty


  • Ultra Clean Air HEPA 13 Filter
  • Allergy friendly quality tested (ECARF)
  • Energy class A
  • Anti-Allergen
includes 2 year warranty

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Philips FC9724/69 Anti-Allergen Bagless Expert Vacuum Cleaner

  • HEPA 13 - Filters 99% of even the smallest particles, such as dust, pet hair and pollen, helping to create a clean and healthier home.
  • Allergy friendly quality tested (ECARF)
  • Dust Capcity 2.0L
  • Energy class: A
  • Dust re-emission class: B
  • Hard floor cleaning class: A
  • Carpet cleaning class: D

PowerCyclone 6 for exceptional dust and air separation
The aerodynamic design of PowerCyclone 6 minimises air resistance and ensures exceptional cleaning performance through 3 highly efficient steps: 1) Air enters the PowerCyclone quickly thanks to the straight and smooth air inlet. 2) The curved airpass quickly accelerates the air upwards in the cyclonic chamber. 3) At the top of the cyclone, the exit blades effectively cut out the dust from the air.

New 3-in-1 TriActiveMax nozzle maximises dust pick-up
The TriActiveMax nozzle with 3-in-1 cleaning actions forms a perfect seal with the floor to maximise dust pick-up. 1) It gently opens the carpet with its specially designed soleplate to remove the dust deep down. 2) It sucks up big bits with its larger opening at the front. 3) It sweeps up the dust and dirt closely alongside furniture and walls with its two side brushes.

SuperTurbo Brush for pet hair-free carpets
SuperTurbo Brush perfectly removes pet hair from carpets.

Advanced dust bucket design for easy emptying
The dust container is perfectly designed for effortless dust disposal. Thanks to its unique shape and smooth surface, dust is collected at one side of the bucket and evenly glides into the dustbin.

Lifetime washable filter
The foam filter can be easily washed under the tap for life-long performance.

Nozzle for optimal cleaning on all hard floors
The Hard floors nozzle ensures optimal cleaning on all hard floors, especially on parquet and tiles. 1) The special soft brush hairs protect the floors against scratches. 2) The pattern of the soft bristles ensures optimal dust collection on all hard floors. 3) The nozzle is lightweight and equipped with wheels for great manoeuvrability on all floors.

EAN 8710103749189
Weight (KG) 3.6000
Main Colour Blue
Energy Efficency Rating A
Vacuum Type Cylinder
Bag/Bagless Bagless
Power (W) 650W
Noise Level (db) 76
Dust Bin Capacity (L) 2.00
Vacuum Filter Type HEPA
Power Cord Length 7m