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View your favourite TV shows and movies the way the filmmaker intended!

In conjunction with HDTVTest, Crampton and Moore are now offering a pre-Calibrated TV service for all new TV’s.

TV Calibration

Why get your new TV calibrated?

Even the world’s best consumer TV’s are not perfect, and will not match the industry standard out of the box. Our aim is to align your TV to the standard used throughout the film and TV world. This ensures that your TV looks as close as possible to what the director of the movie or TV show intended.

This service will include a professional pre-sale ISF calibration by ourselves, and will be approved by professional YouTube TV reviewer Vincent Teoh.

Vincent is one of the world’s most recognisable AV reviewers and has built up a huge online fan base, through his popular HDTVTest YouTube channel.

Vincent will oversee the calibration of your TV and ensure it is calibrated to the highest standards.

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The service includes-

  • All TV’s will be checked for quality, before any adjustments are undertaken, and OLED panels will be run in for a minimum of 100 hours before calibration.
  • The TV will be calibrated to ISF standard using the Latest CalMAN calibration software, and Vincent’s own reference-grade colorimeter and test pattern generator.
  • The calibration will include ISF Day/Night, HDR, Dolby Vision, and game mode calibrations, on all HDMI ports.***
  • The finished calibration will be approved and signed off by Vincent Teoh himself.
  • The approximate turnaround time for this service is 2 to 3 weeks**

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OLED and QLED calibration offer - from 199 pounds
Normal Pricing
48 to 55 inch tv calibration

48" & 55" TVs


65 inch tv calibration

65" TVs


65 inch tv calibration

75" and above TVs


Customer feedback

Check out Vincent’s TV Review

TV Calibration with Crampton and Moore and HDTV test

Calibration Service Terms and Conditions

*Any discounted price is only available when buying a qualifying TV from our website or one of our stores.
**The approximate turnaround time for this service is 2 to 3 weeks, during busier period’s this could change, please enquire for a more accurate eta.
***On Samsung TV’s the Game Mode calibration will be on one HDMI input only, if needed this calibration can be copied across by the end user to any other HDMI.
LED TV calibration will mitigate, but not completely resolve the normal characteristics of backlit and edge lit LED TV’s.
Every manufacturer operates different video software, so to achieve the best possible results the calibration process is individually adjusted for each model.
Your TV will be checked to be within manufacturer’s picture tolerances before calibrating, to ensure you have the very best available panel.
OLED TV’s will be 'run in' with various video sources for at least 100 hours prior to the calibration, this is to stabilise the OLED panel before calibration.
Your TV will be night calibrated in a dark room and day setting will be carried out in a normally lit room, if you require any more specific lighting conditions please let us know and we can replicate this in our test room.
The calibration will be carried out by Crampton and Moore, after which the calibration will be checked by Vincent Teoh and signed off as HDTVTest approved.
The TV is still sold as new and all extended warranties and or promotions (if included) will be honoured.
This service can only be purchased at the same time as buying the TV from our website or one of our stores.
If you decide you do not want the TV after the TV has been unboxed, tested or calibrated (before or after delivery), you will also be responsible for the full retail cost of the calibration service.
All our normal terms and conditions of sale apply and are listed here.  https://www.cramptonandmoore.co.uk/terms-and-conditions)